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Do people really eat little caesars pizza, serious question.

Hell to the NO. 

Me and my bro weekend festivities

End of the Summer feels like the end of the world

So it’s a regular tuesday in Harlem, but the sun feels like the city lived in sin the entire summer, and it’s time to repent. Lord jesus the heat is unbearable, I just want some icecream and sex.

On another note, the weekend was alright.. Wish I could have done more with my time, but whatever. I still haven’t gone to the movies by my lonesome just yet-and that is courtesy of the weather. But I’ll get around to it, I got a free pass that expires in a few days. Shoot….

I finally told my boyfriend that the apt situation with us just wont work out with me, so now I can finally live out the rest of my summer-sucker free. 

Peace Owtttttttttttttt


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”..probably make a gay nigga reconsiddah..”

Her boobs came out of shadow long before her face did! damn!

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Self-Dedication day

Tomorrow, I think-I KNOW I am going to spend the day alone. First at the gym, then the movies and even take myself out for a nice meal and happy hour to top it off. All my my lonesome. 

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nice as breasts

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